Magnet på teleskopstang. 18 - 76 cm. 8 kg styrke, skjermet magnet

Magnet på teleskopstang. 76 cm lengde (18 cm kollapset). 8 kg styrke, skjermet magnet

PrisNOK89,00 inkl. mva.
På lager: 50+ stk.


Mistet en skrue, mutter eller annet metallobjekt "nedimellom, bakimellom" et sted hvor det ikke er mulig å få tak i den med hånden?

Bruk magnet på teleskopstang!. 76 cm lengde (og kun 18 cm kollapset).

8 kg styrke


Skjermet fremoverrettet magnet (så den ikke fester seg til omkringliggende metall)


30"/15 Lbs Telescopic Magnet W/Clip, Black Cushion Grip

30” Telescoping Magnetic Pick-Up Tool with 15-lb. Pull Capacity. This telescoping magnetic pick-up tool has a collapsed length of 7 inches and an extended length of 30 inches, giving this item the benefit of being both compact and extendable. This tool has magnetic pick-up strength of 15 lbs. and a stainless steel body, proving an incredible range of applications, in addition to durability. The cushion grip handle provides comfort and control over the movement of your extended magnetic sweeper.

This tool is great for finding those metal nuts, bolts, screws and other metal pieces that have found their way into areas otherwise inaccessible to hands and eyes. This magnetic pick-up tool is a brilliant item to have on hand in the home, garage, yard and office.

• Magnetic Strength
 - 15lb strength magnet is shielded to prevent unwanted attachment to metal surfaces
• Telescoping Body
 - Collapsed Length: 7"
 - Extended Length : 30"
 - Handle Length : 4-1/2"
• Stainless Steel
• Black Cushion Grip Handle
• Great for Home, Electronics, Automotive Etc