Blackdog Hybridscan, meget dyptsøkende metalldetektor

Hybridscan fra Blackdog er en profesjonell meget dypsøkende metalldetektor som kombinerer to teknologier, både Pulse Induction og VLF. Et proft redskap for å søke etter større objekter som ligger dypt i bakken.

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Hybridscan fra Blackdog er en profesjonell meget dypsøkende metalldetektor som kombinerer to teknologier, både Pulse Induction og VLF. Ett proft redskap for å søke etter større objekter som ligger dypt i bakken.

Se hele video under, egen fane for tekniske spesifikasjoner, og full produkttekst på engelsk under videoen. 

Bygget for hånd med høyeste kvalitet materialer (military grade). Produsert i Spania. 2 års garanti. Leveres med engelsk brukermanual.

Leveres med en stk 1 x 1 meter ramme/rør coil (søkehode), en stk 13 x 13 tommer DD rund coil, en stk karbonfiber skaft til DD-coilen, en stk smartlader og en stk hodetelefoner. 

To stk bestilt inn, ventes på lager rundt månedsskiftet mai/juni.  Kan nå forhåndsbestilles. 

Blackdog HYBRIDSCAN is a professional metal detector that combines two technologies; Induction pulses and VLF. It is used for deep metal searching and can work with different types of coils: 13 × 13 ”MONOLOOP, 13 × 13” DD, 15 × 15 ”MONOLOOP, 15 × 15” DD, 1x1m, 1.5 × 1 , 5m, 2x2m. The detector is manufactured from the highest quality military grade components. The main characteristic that stands out of this detector is that it has an automatic terrain tracking (AUTO-TRACK), and an automatic sensitivity adjustment, which adapts itself to the terrain conditions. Although the detector has a manual control (GROUND), the system (AUTO-TRACK) always acts automatically on this control, regardless of its numerical position, making an auto adjustment.


DELAY : Helps to eliminate small metal objects located at shallow depths and also to cancel mineralization in the ground. The lower the value, the more depth you get. By increasing the value, unwanted objects such as pieces of aluminum foil, pieces of lead or other metals can be rejected, but the depth of the detector can be affected.

TX-BOOST: This control regulates the transmission pulse width. If it is set high, the depth is greater, but the current draw increases. For searches in highly mineralized terrain, it is recommended to decrease the value, to avoid false signals.

FREQ: It means the frequency control, which can range between the values ​​of 95Hz-125Hz. This control helps eliminate electrical interference, if searches are conducted near power lines or other sources of interference. For optimal frequency setting, with the help of the GAIN setting , we look for a slight threshold level. If we find that the threshold tone has many variations, we slowly turn the FREQ adjustment control to the right or left until we achieve the clearest possible threshold tone. Level 3 is recommended.

VOLUME: The volume control of the device is used to regulate the intensity of the sound emitted by the speaker. This control does not affect the depth of the device at all.

GAIN: The gain or sensitivity control of the device.

GROUND: With this setting we eliminate the effects of ground mineralization.

RESET: This button is used to reset the detector in case of misadjustment. It is recommended to press it for 2-3 seconds after modifying any detector parameter.

MENU: This control is valid only for the VLF mode, the same as the LCD screen.

POWER: This switch has three positions. In the back position the PI detector is turned on , in the middle position the device is completely off and in the forward position the VLF detector is turned on  .


The detector is equipped with a very powerful 3400mAh LI-ION battery, which has an autonomy of between 15 and 30 hours of search, depending on the numerical position of the TX-BOOST button . You must charge the detector, when the battery level LED turns on. The approximate charging time is 3 - 4 hours, until the charger light turns green. The supplied charger is automatic and protected.

Never try to charge the batteries with any other type of charger, other than the one supplied by the manufacturer, because the detector will lose the warranty.

A damp cotton cloth is recommended for cleaning the detector. It is not recommended to use chemical products, which can damage the aesthetics of the device and its accessories.

Never use the detector inside a home where there are metal objects.

Do not tamper with the detector inside. Electrocution Hazard 500 Volts.

Do not turn on the detector if the frame coil is not deployed, because the detector will be damaged. Do not submerge the frame coil under water, because it is not submersible.