Quest Xpointer II pinpointer

Quest Xpointer II. En meget god og MYE pinpointer for pengene. Oppladbar, vanntett til 5 meters dyp. Avgir signal med vibrasjon, lyd og blinkende LED. Har 4 sensitivitets-nivåer. Leveres med beltehylster, sikkerhetsline, gummitupper og ladekabel.

PrisNOK1 490,00 inkl. mva.
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Quest Xpointer II pinpointer. Oppladbar og vanntett til 5 meters dyp.

Meget solid bygget med har ett veldig behagelig gummi-liknende materiale der du holder den.

Har 4 sensitivitets-nivåer. Avgir signal med vibrasjon, lyd og blinkende LED-diode. Pinpointeren har en veldig nyttig re-tune funksjon ved å trykke av/på knappen. Under det vanntette lokket bak, finner du ladekontakt samt også 3,5mm minijack audio utgang til hodetelefoner.

Har innebygget oppladbart 1000 mAh batteri og leveres med USB ladekabel.

 Leveres også med beltehylster, 2 gummi beskyttelses-tupper og en sikkerhetsline (så du ikke mister den) 

Garantien er 2 år.

En meget god pinpointer - mye for pengene.


The Quest XPointer II is a rugged pinpointer that is waterproof to a depth of 5 meters underwater. It has a built-in battery and features Audio/Vibration/Audio & Vibration as a metal detection signal, LED illumination and you can choose between 4 sensitivity levels. The XPointer II comes with a belt holster, 2 rubber protection caps, an anti-loss cable, a charging cable and 2 years warranty.

The XPointer II is different from other pin pointers because of its innovative, high-quality design. It has a non-slip grip that fits comfortably in your hand, two easy-to-press buttons that are always within thumb reach.

The XPointer II is completely waterproof to a maximum depth of 5 meters. This has the advantage that you can use this pinpointer even under water. Even a rain shower is no problem, and after your day of searching, you can simply rinse the XPointer II under the tap.

Built-in speaker
The XPointer II has a speaker in the battery cover, allowing you to hear the sounds very clearly, comparable to a full-size metal detector speaker. When you remove the battery cover, you will see that the speaker is connected to a 3.5 mm jack, which you can also use for headphones.

Built-in battery
What you can't miss is a built-in battery, which of course the XPointer II has. The 1000 mAh battery delivers maximum power and can be charged via a USB-C cable.

Settings and display
The XPointer II has three detection modes: sound only, vibration only, and sound and vibration simultaneously. In addition, the sensitivity is adjustable in 4 levels and you can turn the LED on or off.

Retune function
The Retune function is used to perform a Ground balance on heavily mineralized Grounds or to narrow the detection field and quickly get closer to the object.

Pinpoint locating
With the XPointer, you can locate even the smallest metal objects quickly and accurately. It calibrates itself after being switched on and is therefore immediately ready for use. However, you can also calibrate the XPointer II during the search by briefly pressing the on/off button. When you approach the metal object, the sound or vibration will accelerate and guide you to the object flawlessly.


Contents of delivery:
    • Quest XPointer 2
    • Holster
    • 2x rubber caps
    • Spiral cable /loss prevention
    • USB charging cable