Blackdog Max 13 x 13 tommer DD coil for Garrett Ace 200i / 300i / 400i

Blackdog Max 13 x 13 tommer DD coil for Garrett AT serien. Meget høy kvalitet søkehode for Garrett Ace 200i / 300i / 400i. Søker dypere enn Ace sandard søkehoder og dekker mer areal pr sveip med sin store størrelse. Lav vekt.

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Det er en glede å kunne tilby et større søkehode/coil til Garretts Ace 200i / 300i / 400i.

Blackdog Max 13 x 13 tommer DD coil for Garrett Ace serien. Meget høy kvalitet søkehode for Garretts Ace 200i / 300i / 400i.

Søker dypere enn Ace standard søkehoder og dekker mer areal pr sveip med sin store størrelse. Meget solid bygget, men de har klart å holde vekten nede; Kun 540 gram, som er kun 20 gram mer enn Garretts standard 8,5 x 11 tommer coil. 

I tilleg til økt søkedybde og større søkeareal viser Blackdog til følgende positive egenskaper for dette søkehodet;

  • Beste tilgjengelige kvalitet på epoxyen og renhet i kobberet (i kobbertrådene)
  • Mer stabilitet, mindre elektronisk forstyrrelse.
  • Sensitiv på også små objekter.
  • Ytelse i toppklasse.
  • Moderne design.
  • Lett i vekt.
  • Og selvfølgelig vanntett.

Leveres med søkehode deksel (60 gram)

13 x 13 tommer tilsvarer 33 x 33 cm i diameter. 

Blackdog Max Deep Plate
The search plates for Blackdog metal detectors are compatible with the detector models of the main brands on the market. Blackdog dishes have been designed to considerably increase the depth and search surface for objects in places where objects have previously been searched with standard dishes included in the detectors of the different brands on the market.

High impact ABS plastic with UV treatment. - Copper winding with 99% purity, for greater electrical conductivity. The quality of the winding is very important to achieve a higher “Q” factor, which translates into a greater magnetic field and greater depth of the detector. The cable used is made to measure, internally covered by a shield of 99% of its total surface. It also has a reinforcement of textile fibers, to prevent it from splitting when exposed to pulling. The resin used is of the Epoxy type with UV protection and with a very high glass transition coefficient (TG), to withstand high temperatures without losing its properties.

Our resin withstands temperatures above 120 degrees. All our dishes undergo a post-curing process in a special oven, so that the resin maintains its characteristics regardless of the temperature changes to which the dishes are subjected. Our dishes are adjusted one by one manually, using oscilloscopes and laboratory tools, to get the most out of our products.


  • Double D coil, for better discrimination and more precise target location.
  • Better penetration in mineralized soils or under ceramics.
  • More stability, allowing to increase the sensitivity of the detector.
  • The plates include low capacitance graphite double shielding, eliminating electrical interference, false signals on wet ground, wet grass, brushing against plants or wet sandy beaches.
  • Fully submersible and waterproof plate
  • Depth increase of up to 70% compared to standard dishes, depending on the type of detector.
  • Includes plate protector.
  • The winding may vary depending on the detector model